Green Brand

The green haircare brand O’right has more to offer than products of excellent quality. As a brand promoting a green lifestyle, we draw inspirations from nature to communicate Taiwanese green culture and further present the close connection between the land and our lives. Our ultimate goal is to create deep and profound values for our products.

This is a green revolution in the haircare industry. We believe that a great design comes from a harmonious relationship among heaven, the earth, and humans and it inspires people with the beauty of nature. Learning from nature, we promise to make our products “healthy for the human body, healthy for the society, and healthy for the environment.” Our passion for the earth is well-presented in creative incorporation of green ideas into daily life. All in all, O’right’s mission is love and care, now and forever.

It’s O'right!

O'right Green Hair Care
Green Logo

In the brand of , the big letter “O” represents the beautiful Earth. With “It’s O’right” as our mission statement, we are determined to do things that are good and “all right” to the earth. The “O” also symbolizes our concern for environmental protection.

Green Origin

O'right Green Hair Care

Steven Ko, the CEO of O’right, is the person who gave birth to this green haircare brand. Due to his allergic constitution, Steven suffers much from serious allergic symptoms. In order to improve his health and with the ultimate aim of changing the chemical ridden environment, he constantly looks everywhere for natural ingredients to make O’right’s products healthy and ecofriendly.

In 2002, the year of the launch of Hair O’right International Corp., both of Steven’s parents mournfully passed away from kidney disease and cancer. Suffering from this sad bereavement, he decided to do something to help people stay away from heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Since then, the idea of introducing green haircare products to the market has always been on his mind.

In September 2006, O’right successfully evolved into a green brand. With “It’s O’right” as mission statement and the letter “O” as a symbol of the beautiful earth, we decided to do things that are good and “all right” for the earth.

Every small step counts in bringing about a big change! We are deeply aware that an enterprise must do something for the health and well-being of humans, society and the environment. With the concept of Natural, Pure, Ecofriendly, we hope our products can become green seeds sown around the world, and with these green hopes, we believe we can together make the future more sustainable and beautiful.

Honors and Awards

  • 2014
    • INPEX 2014 – Gold Award and Special Award
      O'right Green Hair Care
    • iF Design Award
      O'right Green Hair Care
    • Red Dot Design Awards – Packaging Design Award & CSR Award
    • FT-Standard Chartered Taiwan Business Award
    • Taiwan Excellence Award
    • EPIF 2014 International Green Classics Award
      O'right Green Hair Care
    • Corporate Social Responsibility Award
      O'right Green Hair Care
    • Excellence Award in Green Brands Survey
  • 2013
    • Red Dot Design Award—Best of the Best
      O'right Green Hair Care
    • Environmental Sustainability Award
    • National Corporate Social Responsibility Award for the third year
      O'right Green Hair Care
    • Eco and Green Excellence Award for the second year
    • Taiwan Green Classics Award
      O'right Green Hair Care
    • Taiwan Superior Green Building Honorary Award
  • 2012
    • National Corporate Social Responsibility Award for the second year
      O'right Green Hair Care
    • Environmental Sustainability Award
    • National Outstanding SMEs Award
      O'right Green Hair Care
    • National Sustainable Development Award
    • Enterprise Environmental Protection Award
    • Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award
      O'right Green Hair Care
    • Eco and Green Excellence Award
    • Xue Xue Award – Creative Award
    • Entrepreneurship Award
  • 2011
    • National Corporate Social Responsibility Award
      O'right Green Hair Care
    • Steven Ko represents Taiwan’s SMEs at the APEC conference in Montana, USA
    • Taiwan Green Classics Award
      O'right Green Hair Care
    • Green Brands Survey – ranked no.1 in the daily supplies category
    • Xue Xue Award – Special Award
    • Taiwan Golden Pin Design Mark
    • Selected as one of the Top 100 Taiwan Innovation Enterprises
  • 2010~
    • Taiwan Superior Brands Award
      O'right Green Hair Care
    • Steven Ko honored as one of the Top 100 MVP Managers

O'right Green Hair Care

Green Certifications

  • Taiwan Voluntary Cosmetic GMP
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetics GMP
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems
  • EEWH Green Building Gold Certification
  • PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality Certification for Products
  • PAS 2050 Carbon Footprint Certification for Products
  • Water Footprint Certification for Products
  • Cradle to Cradle Certification
  • Taiwan Intellectual Property Management Systems

O’right Green Headquarters

Healthy, Low-carbon, Ecofriendly – the First GMP Cosmetics Plant in Asia

As the first GMP certified green cosmetics plant in Asia, the O’right Green Headquarters is recognized with Taiwan EEWH Green Building Gold Certificate and certified with ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems, ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetics GMP, ISO 50001 for Energy Management Systems and Taiwan Voluntary Cosmetic GMP, and with ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, OHASA 18001 and Green Factory Certification under application. This green cosmetics plant features:

  • 100% clean energy for production
    The building is equipped with a solar and wind power generating system and the clean power generated is used for product manufacturing.
  • Process Cooling Water System (PCW)
    This innovative system makes the whole manufacturing process more energy-saving, low-carbon and more ecofriendly.
  • Three Water Recycling Systems
    The systems effectively reutilize rainwater, water from the pre-production filtration process and post-production water.

In 2012, the O’right Green Headquarters obtained the Taiwan EEHW Green Building Gold Certificate – the highest level among same sized green buildings. This building achieves 7 out of 9 major green building indicators:

O'right Green Hair Care
  • Greening Index
    (3 times more than the standard)
  • Water Retention Index
    (10 times more than the standard)
  • Daily Energy Conservation Index
  • CO2 Reduction Index
  • Indoor Environment Index
  • Water Resource Index
  • Sewage and Garbage Improvement Index
O'right Green Hair Care

Green Products

Tree in the Bottle – the world’s first blooming shampoo
Creative & innovative

After 2 years of careful product development, design and manufacturing, O’right successfully launched the Tree in the Bottle shampoo. In 2013, this brilliant product was recognized with the Red Dot Design Award – Best of the Best. It is the first shampoo to bag this award. In 2014, it is further honored with the iF Design Award and again with the Red Dot Design Award in the categories of social responsibility and packaging design. It means the Tree in the Bottle bags 2 of 4 most prestigious design awards in the world. The product is also recognized by Taiwan Excellence Award, which is the most prestigious national award. Let’s love the earth in everyday life and plant one more tree!

O'right Green Hair Care

100% biodegradable materials:
The bottle is made of PLA, which is the most ecofriendly plastic material made from plant wastes. The bottle can be buried in the soil. Under proper environmental conditions, the bottle will decompose and become fertilizer in the course of 1 year.

100% seeds of native tree species:
This innovative bottle design features seeds embedded at the bottom. The seeds will sprout and grow into a tree after the bottle breaks down. Seeds of native tree species are selected because they adapt well to the local environment and pose no threat to other native plants.

The bottle is biodegradable. Breakage or deformation is normal and does not affect the performance of the formula. You are welcome to consider an alternative O’right product manufactured from different packaging materials.

Floral Box – The world’s greenest packaging
New life hidden in a paper box
O'right Green Hair Care

All of the paper for the O’right floral box series is from responsibly managed forests and printed with ecofriendly soy ink. A small piece of flower seed paper made from recycled plant waste is attached to the box. The whole paper box can be buried in the soil and you will have a lovely garden after the seeds sprout!

Handmade seed paper:
The seed paper is made of water bamboo leaves and sugarcane bagasse and processed in a 10-step paper-making process. Flower seeds are then embedded in the paper.

Soy ink printing:
As a kind of water color ink, soy ink is very ecofriendly as it is nontoxic and causes no pollution.

Paper from responsibly managed forests:
All of the paper for the floral box series is certified by an internationally renowned certification body which promotes responsible management of forests. By using certified paper materials, O’right is taking part in global efforts against forest depletion.

Taiwanese Bamboo Cap Series
A beautiful and sustainable artwork
O'right Green Hair Care

O’right’s Taiwanese bamboo cap series are made of Moso bamboo from central Taiwan. Combining Taiwanese local color and the flexible property of bamboo, each cap unfolds a unique life that is revealed in the exquisite patterns and soft feel. With deep reverence and gratitude to nature, we handle each processing stage with the most care, such as harvesting, cutting and finishing. In this artistic and fashionable work, we create a green value out of this popular Asian plant.

A sustainable material:
Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than the other plants. Bamboo is also the fastest-growing plant on earth. According to studies, bamboo can grow 120 cm a day at maximum. Therefore, only four years are needed from planting to harvesting. As a result, harvesting does not endanger bamboo forests and is in fact beneficial to its renewal. In addition to that, bamboo is also a great air purifier. A hectare of Moso bamboo forest absorbs 35-50 tons of carbon dioxide yearly.

An Oriental art piece:
In Chinese culture, bamboo symbolizes the integrity and virtue of a cultivated man as bamboo is strong yet soft, flexible yet durable. Each bamboo cap is processed in 10 steps by master craftsmen in Taiwan. The unique combination of color and pattern further makes the cap an Oriental art piece.

100% recycled coffee grounds turned into a golden resource
O'right Green Hair Care

O’right turns recycled coffee grounds into a golden resource! The collected coffee grounds are carefully processed for the extraction of precious coffee oil. The extracted oil is an important ingredient of our RECOFFEE series and the leftover coffee grounds is further added into the 100% biodegradable PLA bottle. The bottle can be buried in the soil and the coffee seeds inside will sprout into a coffee tree. Without leaving any waste, O’right makes the best use of waste coffee grounds and turns RECOFFEE products into an excellent example of the Cradle-to-Cradle concept. This product is recognized with Gold Award and Special Award at INPEX 2014. Its unique green creativity is also honored with Red Dot Design Award 2014 under the categories of packaging design and Corporate Social Responsibility.

100% Recoffee Oil:
Being collected from coffee shops and convenience stores, the recycled coffee grounds has to be roasted dry and sterilized in the first place. Then we will extract coffee oil from the grounds through SFE technology. The golden oil is now ready to be added in the formula of RECOFFEE products.

100% coffee-colored bottle:
The leftover coffee grounds is added to the PLA material to make the 100% biodegradable bottles. The bottle presents a 100% natural color of coffee. No chemical colorants are added.

Coffee seeds insidee:
The bottle can be buried in the soil. It will decompose in the course of 1 year and become nutrients for the coffee seeds at the bottom. Under proper environmental conditions, the seeds will sprout and grow into a coffee tree.

The World’s Greenest Shampoo

8 FREE – O’right’s products contain NONE of the following harmful chemicals
O'right Green Hair Care

Environ. Hormones (NP) FREE

Parabens FREE

Formaldehyde FREE

O'right Green Hair Care

Colourants FREE

Phthalates FREE

Sulfate Surfactants FREE

Thickeners (DEA Derivatives) FREE

EO Derivatives FREE

O’right’s Corporate Social Responsibility

O'right Green Hair Care
  • 2014
    • Co-organizes the Earth Hour event with The Society of Wilderness (SOW) for 4 consecutive years. Along with celebrities from all arenas joining the event, O’right also attracts about 4,000 hair salons with nearly 10,000 hairstylists around Taiwan taking part in this meaningful event. From 2011 to 2014, the event is estimated to save 300,000 kWh of electricity, which translates into a significant reduction of 184,000 kg of carbon emissions.
  • 2013
    • Supports International Coastal Cleanups for 2 consecutive years. The Coastal Cleanup event is marked as one of the most important annual events for O’right. Picking up trash on the beach, O’right’s staff and their families show their support for environmental protection with personal involvement. This is also a great way for a green enterprise like O’right to carry out its corporate social responsibility.
    • Promotes forest conservation and reforestation. O’right works with the Experimental Forest Program of the National Taiwan University for the second year in a 6-year Reforestation Project. 322 more trees are planted this year, reducing 21,252 kg of carbon emissions.
  • 2012
    • Donates to Tao Foundation for rehabilitation of the typhoon stricken area and as a support to the Protect Lanyu—the Pearl in the Pacific Project, which aims at protecting the local environment and traditional Tao culture on the island.
    • Sponsors the release of the 3D movie The Lorax produced by Universal Studio. O’right Seed Bags are given free as a means of encouraging children to protect the earth.
    • Supports the project of Simple Life in Cambodia initiated by ELIV International to build green orphanages in Cambodia.
O'right Green Hair Care
  • 2011
    • Rallies 1,569 hair salons in Taiwan to support the project of 20-year Reforestation Plan initiated by National Taiwan University Experimental Forest. With the 528 trees planted in the central Taiwan, it is expected to absorb 116,160 kg of carbon emissions.
    • Supports Eden Social Welfare Foundation to exercise early intervention programs for developmentally delayed children. The CEO Steven Ko also donates to Eden Foundation all of the speaking fees he received from colleges and universities in 2011.
  • 2010
    • Sponsors publication of Chinese edition of the book 2 Degrees too High: Understanding the Copenhagen Summit to arouse awareness in people of what we can do to make the earth more beautiful.
    • Sponsors publication of Taiwan’s first environmental documentary ±2°C, which is distributed to about 7,000 hair salons in Taiwan.
    • Holds 10 “See the Green Salons” eco seminars around Taiwan to promote carbon reduction in hair salons as well as to share environmental information with more than 1,700 audiences.
    • Sponsors the Pingtung County VUSAM Association to build classrooms for kids in areas seriously stricken by floods during Morakot Typhoon, donating TWD6.7 million worth of products and TWD350,000 in cash.
O'right Green Hair Care
  • 2009
    • Sponsors the release of the book and DVD of the documentary HOME to promote new visions about loving the earth.
    • Sponsors the premiere of the environmental film HOME directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. 1,200 customers are invited to make their eco-promise of Go Green and Save the Earth.
    • Supports the soccer team of Kuo’an Elementary School to participate in the Elementary Soccer World Cup with a donation of TWD6 million worth of products and TWD300,000 in cash. The soccer team won a double second place.
    • Initiates the project of LOVE Card. By encouraging young kids to sign their eco statement on the card, O’right hopes to teach children about the importance of environmental protection.
  • 2008
    • Joins the coastal cleanup in Kenting as a way of protecting the local beach and continue the life energy of the earth.
    • Helps 200 children regain their sights and start a new life in joint efforts with Orbis International, with a donation of TWD18 million worth of products and TWD178,000 of cash.
  • 2007
    • Helps economically-disadvantaged children in joint efforts with Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, with a donation of TWD13 million worth of products and TWD170,000 in cash.

O'right's Carbon Reduction Achievements

Let’s work together to reduce emissions and protect the earth!
O'right Green Hair Care

O’right has successfully reduced 380,818 kg of carbon emissions since the establishment of O’right Green Headquarters in June 2012, equal to planting 34,620 trees or the annual carbon absorption capacity of Da’an Forest Park, a park of the size of 26 hectares in Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Products
    89,831 CO2/kg → planting 8,166 trees
  • Renewable energies
    77,071 CO2/kg → planting 7,006 trees
  • Tree-planting events
    30,316 CO2/kg → planting 2,756 trees
  • Earth Hour Taiwan events
    183,600 CO2/kg → planting 16,691 trees

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